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2019 Entertainment & Attractions

2019 Entertainment Schedule

Tuesday, August 20

Main Stage (Expo Ballroom Foyer)

10:00 am – Presentation by Dr. Samuel Wheeler, State Historian at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

A Celebratory Presentation:
Illinois’ Bicentennial

11:15 am – Senior Talent Showcase

12:30 pm – Samuel Lozada from Mo’ Beat Blues

Inspirational Presentation:
Overcoming Adversity through Music and Song

1:30 pm –  2019 Writing Challenge Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, August 21

Main Stage (Expo Ballroom Foyer)

10:00 am – PaddyLynn Acting’s Spoon River Anthology & Music

Through stories and songs, learn the life and history of the residents of  fictitious town “Spoon River.” This program captures life’s joy and sorrows over 100 years ago!

11:15 am – Sponsor Recognition Ceremony

11:45 am – TBD

12:30 am – Happy 200th Birthday Illinois!

Come celebrate with DJ James as we dance the afternoon away at our very own birthday party for Illinois!

There will be balloons, music, fun dances, and birthday cupcakes too!! You don’t want to miss this!