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2018 Health & Wellness

AccuQuest Hearing Centers
"Hearing Aid Education and Solutions"

Agency on Aging Northeastern Illinois Nutrition Program
"Healthy Eating and Senior Dining Options in the Area"

Alden of Waterford
"Short Term Rehabilitation Services"

Connect 33 Chiropractic
"Nerve Scans and Posture Screenings"

Gottlieb Hospital Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit
"Memory Matter: Spin Our Roulette Wheel to Find Out Why You Shouldn’t Fret About Forgetfulness"

Great Lakes Health & Wellness Diabetic Shoes
"Diabetic Therapeutic Shoes and Back Pain Solutions"

Illinois Pathways to Health
"Information on Both ‘A Matter of Balance’ and ‘Taking Charge of Your Health/Diabetes’"

Illinois Spinal Care
"MyoVision Spinal Screenings"

Jewel Osco Pharmacy
"Flu, Pneumonia and Shingles Vaccinations"

"Bone Density Scanning"

Randall Residence of Wood Dale
"Blood Pressure Screening"

Spectrios Institute for Low Vision
"Information on eye conditions that lead to vision loss, free Amseler Grid to test your vision at home and tips to make life with vision loss easier to manage."

White Crane Wellness Center
"Oral Health Education and Screening"