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1st Aug, 2016

Top 10 Exhibitor Tips

10 Tips to Help You “Make the Most” of the Senior Lifestyle Expo!

Energize Staff
Keep staff’s energy high with snacks, breaks and friendly competition. Make staff shifts brief — 3 to 4 hours, if possible. At your booth, their first message must be… “We’re glad to be here!”

Engage Attendees
When initiating contact, allow people to scan the booth before offering assistance. Let them know about your drawing and what they may win. Gently touch their arm or shoulder. Use humor and they will be more likely to give you the information you want. Show interest in them as a person; i.e.: family, work history, etc. Remember that they weren’t born at age 85 – they have an entire lifetime behind them!

Basic Skills for Communicating with Seniors
Address the person in the way he/she prefers, when in doubt use Miss, Mrs. or Mr. unless invited to use a first name. Really listen and pay attention, speak distinctly and talk directly at the person. Use a tone of voice that is appropriate to the conversation. Do not use endearments – be respectful.

Inform and Educate for Future Decisions
Don’t make the “sell” aggressive. Not everyone is aware of your product that’s why you’re here. Make contact, make your literature available and know when to back off. Guests may not think they need your product/service. It’s your job to educate them on the benefits. Some products/services they may not need now but very likely will down the road. The best sell… “Take care of these things yourself now so your children don’t make the decision for you.”

Quality Is Better Than Quantity
You will meet many people at the Expo. Be sure to focus your time on people who are potential leads and not let poor prospects, there just for your giveaways, take up your time.

Don’t Just Give Away Your Giveaways!
Staff your booth adequately so that each attendee gets personal attention before receiving a giveaway piece. Consider having each attendee fill out your own brief form – but realize that just a moment of conversation engages the individual, too.

Accumulate Information
It is invaluable to accumulating contact information and notes on top prospects for use in the sorting and follow-up process

Network! – Don’t Underestimate the Value of Peer-to-Peer
Sometimes your best leads come from another exhibitor! Be sure all staff walks the floor at least once a day – to meet other professionals in the senior network. If you would like to be introduced to another exhibitor please ask show management and we help facilitate the introduction.

Be Patient with Your Sales Cycle
Keep in mind you may not get a sale from the Expo onsite. The Expo provides you with an opportunity for customer recognition and contacts. It takes time to cultivate the contacts. When the customer, or friend or relative, needs your product/service, they think of you. First impressions do count!

Personalize Your Follow-Up
Follow up with a thank you, maybe a postcard or a phone call. Offer to give individual attention. Offer a personal tour/visit, about a half-hour of their time, to go over the information. If not now, ask if you can keep them on your mailings for the next six months or year.

If you have additional tips please share with us by leaving a response below.

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