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2017 Writing Challenge

For our 22nd Senior Lifestyle Expo writing challenge topic is, “Celebrate America!” America’s history is filled with important turning points. What has been the most important turning point in your personal history and why?

Please click here to download the 2017 Writing Challenge application form. Deadline to enter the Writing Challenge is Friday, July 28, 2017.

2017 Contestants

Ely Junker, Westmont IL – God Bless America

Rod Marino, Elk Grove Village IL – Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

Samuel DiMatteo, River Grove IL – Reformation at Fifty-Six


2016 Writing Challenge Winners: 

Our 2016 Paradise Writing Challenge Winners

Our 2016 Paradise Writing Challenge Winners

Gold Winner: Sharon Price, Kankakee, IL

Silver Winner: Christine Walsh Angelos, Gurnee, IL

Bronze Winner: Marlene Klugg, Ladd, IL

Enjoy More Pictures of the 2016 Writing Challenge Contestants

1466-0670_hr 1466-0690_hr



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